Micromuni Online

Web-based suite of municipal finance tools for Debt Structuring, Bond Pricing, Advanced Refunding and Project Financings.

Designed for Desktop, Laptops, Tablets or Smart Phones (Android or iOS)

Micromuni Debt – for bond calculations, NIC, TIC, Arbitrage yield, competitive bid calculations and bid verifications.

Micromuni Refund – for advanced refunding and portfolio cash flow analysis.

Micromuni Sizing – for project financing calculations.  Determine the size of a Bond Issue with Capitalized Interest Fund, Debt Service Reserve Funds,  Sources and Uses of Funds and a Construction Fund Draw Schedule..

Micromuni Debt

Micromuni Debt is a debt structuring web based application for evaluating the debt service repayments of one or more municipal bond issues. Multiple Bond Solutions are available for structuring the debt service repayments.
A Brief Look at Micromuni Debt

Micromuni Refund

Micromuni Refund is used to determine a portfolio of securities that will provide revenue to defease escrow cash requirements. 

Portfolios can even be a mix of securities with different day/year bases, such as Actual/Actual, 30/360, and Actual/360.

Micromuni Sizing

Micromuni Sizing is used to determine a bond issue size based on funding various accounts and sources and uses of funds.  Capitalized Interest Fund and the Construction Fund can be Net or Gross Funded.

Micromuni Sizing has a multitude of uses, including Advanced Refinancing of bond issues.

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Micromuni desktop application software calculations have been verified by major rating agencies, accounting firms, and bond counsels.

Ease of use and online all the time make Micromuni Online a must for any investment banker, financial advisor, bond counsel, accounting verifications and state and local governments.