Subscription Prices

Billed Annually – $2,000 per user account.
Billed Monthly –  $200    per user account.

                                           (2 months minimum)

Monthly payments are not refundable.
Annual payments are not refundable. 


  • Browser Based – Platform Independent
  • Works on PC, MAC, phones and tablets
  • No Installation, Up and Running Same Day
  • Continuous Automatic Updates
  • Use Anytime, Anywhere With Internet
  • Data Sharing Functionality

Products Included

Micromuni Debt Online

  • Debt Service Calculations
  • Bond Pricing Calculations: NIC, TIC, Average Life
  • Debt Service Comparison
  • and much more …

Micromuni Refund Online

  • Cash Flow Defeasance by Securities (SLGS or Treasuries)
  • Escrow Yield Verification

Micromuni Sizing Online

  • Bond Size Project Structuring
  • Capitalized Interest Fund
  • Construction Fund
  • Debt Service Reserve Fund
  • Sources and Uses of Funds