Micromuni Debt

MicroMuni Debt is a dynamic, web-based tool designed for the modern municipal finance professional. It allows you to evaluate and structure debt service repayments for municipal bond issues with ease. Offering a range of bond solutions, it provides the flexibility to tailor your debt service repayments to your specific needs. Beyond structuring, MicroMuni Debt also enables accurate pricing of municipal bonds and calculation of key metrics. All these features are wrapped in a user-friendly interface accessible across devices. Discover the future of municipal finance with MicroMuni Debt.

Micromuni Refund

MicroMuni Refund is a specialized web-based application that simplifies the complex process of advanced refunding and portfolio cash flow analysis. It helps you determine a portfolio of securities that meets your escrow cash requirements, even allowing for a mix of securities with different day/year bases. With MicroMuni Refund, you can navigate the intricacies of municipal bond refunding with confidence and precision.

Micromuni Sizing

MicroMuni Sizing is a powerful project financing tool that assists in determining the size of a municipal bond issue associated with a capital improvement project. It calculates net or gross funded construction fund, capitalized interest fund, debt service reserve funds, and more. With a variety of bond solutions and detailed reports, MicroMuni Sizing provides a comprehensive view of your project’s financial landscape.