Micromuni Debt

Offering a comprehensive solution for evaluating and structuring debt service repayments for municipal bond issues. With a range of tailored solutions, Micromuni Debt provides the flexibility to manage unique bond issues, whether you need level debt service or accelerated repayment. It ensures accuracy in pricing municipal bonds and calculating key metrics, providing detailed reports at your fingertips. Designed with a user-friendly interface, it’s accessible across devices for ease of use. Experience the future of municipal finance with MicroMuni Debt, your comprehensive solution for efficient and effective debt structuring and bond pricing.

Key Features

Comprehensive Bond Issue Management

Save several bond issues within your unique database. Each bond issue is identified by a Project Name, Key Name, and a unique numeric Key ID generated by Micromuni Debt.

Advanced Debt Service Analysis

Evaluate the repayment structure of tax-exempt debt obligations, performs bond calculations, NIC, TIC, Arbitrage yield, and is used for competitive bid calculations and bid verifications.

Consolidated Debt Service

Consolidate multiple bond issues into a single debt service stream, providing a clear, comprehensive view of your debt obligations.

Flexible Bond Maturity Calculations

Calculate bond maturities for Level, Accelerated, Deferred, and Uniform Debt Service. Solutions can include prior debt service for wraparound Debt Service.

Comprehensive and Exportable Reports

Micromuni Debt generates a suite of detailed reports that provide a deep dive into your municipal bond issues. These reports are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your debt structure, potential savings, and bond production details.

Our reports include:

  • Bond Issue Debt Service Report: Analyzes the cash flows associated with a specific bond issue.
  • Consolidated Debt Service Report: Consolidates multiple bond issues into a single debt service stream for a clear, comprehensive view.
  • Debt Service Savings Report: Highlights potential savings that could be achieved through refinancing or structuring new debt.
  • Bond Production Report: Provides detailed information about the bonds that have been issued, including maturity, interest rates, and other relevant data.

One of the key features of Micromuni Debt is the ability to export these reports in various formats to suit your needs. Whether you need to share these reports with stakeholders, integrate them into presentations, or simply store them for future reference, you can easily export them to Word, PDF, or Excel formats.