Micromuni Debt

Micromuni Debt is a debt structuring web based application designed to assist municipal underwriters, financial advisors, and state and local governments in evaluating the debt service repayments of one or more municipal bond issues. A variety of Bond Solutions are available (e.g. Level Debt Service, Accelerated Repayment) for structuring the debt service repayments of a municipal bond issue or principal repayments can be entered and Micromuni Debt will calculate the periodic interest.  A Brief Look at Micromuni Debt

Micromuni Debt can be used to price municipal bonds to determine gross production, Bond Insurance, Underwriters Discounts, Net to Issuers, Bids, NIC’s, TIC’s, bond years, and average life. Summary and detailed pricing reports are available.

Micromuni Debt is a very flexible and friendly application that has a multitude of uses, including Advanced Refundings.

Consolidating Multiple Bond Issues is as easy as:

  1. Selecting your bonds
  2. Confirm your selection
  3. Select the Consolidate Tab to enter a cutoff date and press the consolidate button.